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I have a passion, a passion for social media and the World Wide Web. ‘Happiness is having one’s passion for one’s profession’ wrote the French novelist Stendhal. The number of people in this fortunate position is limited, but I definitely intend to be one of them!

As a Cross Media Management student, I’m very excited about how brands use new media and how they, sometimes, fail doing that. My dream job? Being Head of Strategy at an awesome digital communication agency and helping those brands. Together with a creative, dedicated and passion driven team.

I’m always eager to learn, so if you have an opportunity for me, give me a call, tweet, mail or poke me on Facebook. Or no, not that last one. That would be weird.

You want to get to know me better? Knock yourself out and discover my interests, goals in life and inspirations on my Instagram profile.

What I can do for you

Being inquisitive Being inquisitive

I really want to gather working experience, improve my languages, discover new things and meet interesting people. When I don’t know something, I’m not afraid to ask. I’m always eager to learn.

Teamplayer Teamplayer

When I want something, I’ll go after it. A saying that I really like is this one: “A star player wins games, a good team wins the Championship”. Together with a passionated and talented team, I want to win the Championship.

Belgian national soccer team Belgian national soccer team

You’ve probably already heard of our national soccer team. Well, since we are about to win the Euro Cup, it will come in handy for you to know their names and to know how to pronounce them.

Social Strategy Social Strategy

Every communication starts from a sustainable strategy, great concepts and all of that executed on the right platforms. I love hustling to get from a briefing to a kick ass idea.

Web Copywriting Web Copywriting

Writing crisp and fluent texts, adapted to your audience is always challenging.  So is finding the right words to express exactly what you mean. How do you do that?

Conversation Management Conversation Management

Monitoring the web and the community, engaging your audience and really talking with them, is crucial to every company. How do you move from old-school one-direction communication to a real conversation, which today’s consumers expect?

They endorsed me


” I never like to team up with someone. But if I was obligated to pick someone, I’d choose Jonas. He has skills, perseverance and a great organizational mind. He’s the ideal Robin. Or I would be his ideal Robin. We haven’t discussed it yet. “

Check out Batman.

- Batman
Guido Everaert – Lector Karel de Grote-Hogeschool

Every generation has one. Each year, I see new students and I wonder which one it will be, this year. The one who stands out, seemingly without an effort. This year it was, without a shadow of a doubt, Jonas.

Bright, punctual and organized, with great social skills and keen insights. Always willing to take up a challenge and prove his point. It’s the kind of student you are banking on to make a group advance and dive into a subject.

On a personal level, I find him demanding and correct in his interactions. The kind of guy I’d love to have had in my agency, because he gets the job done!

Check out Guido Everaert.


- Guido Everaert – Lector Karel de Grote-Hogeschool
Tom Verschuere – New media strategist

Jonas’ mindset is not “I have a product to market, and I will shove it down your throat”. Instead, he tries to understand how different types of clients / brand fans will think about a certain idea. He also thinks very “consumer centric”.

Besides that he is very eager to learn. He listens to people who can make him smarter, but he is certainly not too shy to express his own point of view.

Jonas is also  prepared to go the extra mile(s). Take for example this website. Some applicants still believe a CV in pdf will do the trick, others think their LinkedIn profile will be enough to convince you.  Jonas decides to already give you a first glimpse on what you can expect from him by presenting himself in this to-the-point personal branding website.

Check out Tom Verschuere.

- Tom Verschuere – New media strategist